What is OptiMonk?

OptiMonk uses powerful onsite retargeting technology that converts more of your visitors into sales and leads. You get a second chance to present a message to your visitors, effectively doubling your chances of conversion. OptiMonk has been proven to increase conversion rates by up to 15%. We've built an easy to use interface where you can edit your campaigns as easily as a Word document, and we've got a support staff committed to your success.

Onsite retargeting works by monitoring the behavior of visitors on your website, and when their behavior indicates they are ready for some additional message, it is displayed to them, usually in a popup overlay. You can convert some of these visitors into sales and leads in realtime. For instance, you can provide them an incentive to purchase immediately or you can sign them up to your newsletter and generate more sales in the future.

The team at OptiMonk has over 20 years of combined experience helping ecommerce sites become successful businesses. Onsite retargeting is the most powerful conversion technology we've seen. We're truly excited by the results people are achieving with OptiMonk. Our main goal is for you to achieve a demonstrable increase in your website’s conversion rate. When it comes to support, we're committed to your success and we're here to help!

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