How do I setup and run an A/B test?

It’s very easy: you can create as many versions of a popup as you like. Start by logging into the particular popup (campaign) that you want to test and click on ‘Make a copy of the first variant’. This will create a new popup that keeps the settings from your existing popup and will allow you to make a small change to test the new variant. To make a completely new popup to test against your existing popup, you can click on ‘New variant’.


Be sure to make a change to the variant you’ve just created, so we have some difference between the two popups to test. Then activate it, and it’s done!

What should I change to test my popup?

OptiMonk gives you the freedom to create different variants according to your choice — including how many you variants you make and what they look like. Your variants can also be completely different.

What elements you can change to test your popup, in the order we recommend:

  1. Headline
  2. Subheading
  3. Button text
  4. Data asked
  5. Colors
  6. Other texts and descriptions

In addition to the content of the popup, you should continuously refine your main ‘offer’. Maybe your customers would react ten times better to a totally different offer/communication. A discount might get you more conversions than a free ebook. Every site has its own visitors with their own set of needs. Of course, there’s only one way to know which popups will work best for your visitors: testing!

Note: You don’t want to make too many changes or you won’t be able to determine why each variant is performing better or worse than the others. In other words, if we change the color, the headline, and the button on our popup, and it performs better, we won’t know what element helped it perform better of the three elements that we changed. A sensible way to get started is to make a change to one element, test it, then make a change to another element, choosing the best performing variant each time.

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