What to do if I reach the total number of monthly visitors limit?

If your account reaches the number of monthly visitors limit, you will see the following message when entering the account, and your OptiMonk campaigns will be paused temporarily (we will also send you a reminder email when the monthly visitors reach the 80% limit and when they exceed the limit)

In order to re-activate your campaigns, there are 2 options:

  • You can upgrade to a higher plan (you can read more on this under the How to upgrade my plan? section) or
  • You can wait until your count will reset on the 1st day of next month. We reset the visitor number on this day globally, so if you sign up again for the same plan in the middle of the month, the visitor number won’t be reset, as the payment will recur each month

Hint: we’d recommend to opt for the first option because while your campaigns are inactive, you are losing customers. Plus, if the number of your monthly visitors are higher than allowed in the current plan, you can consider upgrading to a higher plan that suits the current number of your unique visitors/month (you can check the number of unique visitors/month in Google Analytics) because then you won’t have to face this issue again.

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