Running multiple campaigns on the same site

Depending on the goal you’re trying to achieve with OptiMonk, you can choose from 7 types of messages when creating a new campaign: embedded, fullscreen, sticky bar, popup, side message, gamification and survey.



You can create and run unlimited campaigns on your website with every OptiMonk account. However, please be aware that sometimes less is more: you shouldn’t disturb your visitors with too many onsite messages.

Try to avoid using the same message type with the same trigger: two full-screen popups right after each other can make your potential customers leave your website. However, a side message for collecting newsletter subscribers and a standard popup with a special coupon code can easily work together.

If you have multiple active campaigns on your site, targeting becomes very important. We recommend customizing your onsite messages and setting up different triggers and conditions for each campaign, so you can display the right message to the right visitor at the right time. You can choose from many triggers and conditions. Here is an example of a basic campaign setting:


You can learn more about our triggering options here.

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