Why You Should Run Variant A/B Tests to Improve your Campaigns?

You can make your popups much more efficient. Testing your popups helps you acquire more subscribers and customers from the same amount of visitors. Technically speaking: it boosts the conversion of the popups. It can even be said that out of all conversion boosting tools, variant A/B testing is the most certain and most predictable way to achieve better result In the following example we increased the efficiency of this popup by 47%, only by changing its headline:

In practice this means 47% more subscribers, from the same amount of visitors – it was worth, wasn’t it? :)

The best thing about variant A/B testing is that you can play safe: if you create 5 tests, and only 3 of them actually enhance your conversion, it’s enough to keep the 3 that enhanced your conversion, and delete the other 2 that didn’t perform as well.

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