Getting Started with Marketing Automations System Integrations

OptiMonk offers exciting possibilities for connecting with other emails, newsletter and contact management systems. We’ve got specific how-to’s for each integration, for example, Mailchimp and Infusionsoft. 

Here are the general steps for getting started with all integrations in your OptiMonk admin dashboard.

1. Login to your OptiMonk admin dashboard at and click on the Campaigns:

2. This will take you to your Campaigns where you need to select on the campaign which you wish to connect with and external system. Select the campaign that you wish to work with and click on its' name. Then, on the next, within the Settings Summary click on the Edit button: 

3. On the next page, scroll down towards the Integrations section and click on Add new Integration button: 

4. After that you can create a new integration or, if one or more of your previous campaigns have already been connected to an external system, you can easily copy the settings so there is a no need to set it up from scratch:

5. Select the system that you wish to work with and follow the instruction to set it up. For the detailed instruction, please refer to Leads Management & Integrations section of our support portal. 



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