Create campaign

When you create your OptiMonk account, first you will be redirected to page where you can select the template which suits you the most and create it.

Click on Select and then Create Campaign. 

Once you finished editing your popup look and it looks in the way you wanted it to be, click on Save before you leave.

The Save button takes you to campaign settings page. Enter the base URL or website where you want the exit popup to direct to, and your camapign's name also.

On this page you can set up to whom and when you wish the popup to be displayed, integrate OptiMonk with. 

Click save to return to the OptiMonk manager.

Finally make sure that your campaign and variant is active and let’s move on to the last step.

Insert the java script code:

The only thing what you need to do before your popup goes live on your site is inserting the java script code. The launch code can be found on your OptiMonk main page below the campaigns. You have to copy and paste it into your source code. You should put it before </body> tag and after <body> tag anywhere.


As long as your launch code is on your website make sure that your campaign and variant is active and your popup will appear.



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