Inserting the OptiMonk JavaScript code

After you created your first campaign, it is time to insert the OptiMonk JavaScript code to your website.

In case if you have a Shopify, Magento, Shoprenter or Wordpress website, you have a plugin and you don’t have a problem with inserting JavaScript code.

On the other hand, if you have a custom website, you have to insert the JavaScript code the following way.

1. Log in to your OptiMonk account at, then click on your Profile, then Settings in the bottom left corner:

How to uninstall OptiMonk - Java code 1.png

2. Look for Insert code option under the Account panel:

insert optimonk code 2.png

3. If you have multiple domains, you need to select the domain at first on which you want to use Optimonk.

insert optimonk code 3.png

4. After you selected the domain, you have several options to install the OptiMonk code based on the e-commerce platform you use or you can insert to a custom website. Choose Custom website.

Képernyőkép 2023-07-21 124958.png

5. Choose I can insert the code here.

Képernyőkép 2023-07-21 131755.png

Here you find the OptiMonk JavaScript code which you need to insert in the <head> section of each page of your website.

Képernyőkép 2023-07-21 132150.png

Before inserting the OptiMonk JavaScript code into the source code of your site, make sure that you have access to the administration interface of your website. If you have no admin access, please contact your developers by clicking on the Send he instructions to Admin or Developer button to insert the code for you.

insert optimonk code 7.pnginsert optimonk code 8.png

If you do not have a Developer who can assist you with inserting the code, please click on the Ask us for help button and we will insert it for you.

insert optimonk code 9.png

If you have access the admin of your site and you would like to insert the code yourself, make sure that you put the code before the </head> tag and after the <head> tag anywhere, similarly to Google Analytics code.

Please note: you only need to include the code once.

That's it! If you need any further help or have additional questions, please let us know at and we would be more than happy to assist you :)

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