Integrate with Google Tag Manager

In your admin dashboard on OptiMonk, you can easily configure your campaigns to report the following events to your Google Tag Manager account: shown, filled, close(x), no.

To get started, sign in to your OptiMonk account and do the following:

1. Choose the campaign that you want to report events to your Google Analytics account. Click on the Campaign Settings button for that campaign

2. Scroll to the last question found in the Campaign Settings dashboard, under the Integrations heading: “Do you use Google Analytics or Tag Manager to measure your traffic?”

3. Choose “Yes” next to “Integrate OptiMonk with Google Analytics”.

4. Set “Tag Manager” next to “Which solution do you use to measure your traffic?”

5. Scroll to the top of the Campaign Settings page and click on Save.

6. Download the Tag Manager container, which is already created for you from here:

7. Import the container to your Tag Manager 




The following object will be added to your data layer when the popup actions – shown, filled, close(x), no – are reported:

    'OptiMonk action': action,
    'OptiMonk label': label,
    'OptiMonk category': category,
    'event': 'OptiMonk ' + action


  • category: OptiMonk
  • action: shown, filled, close(x), no
  • label: OptiMonk campaign name
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