How to send my leads to Act-On?

You can easily integrate OptiMonk with Act-On and use their marketing tools to interact with OptiMonk by following these steps. 

  1. In your Campaign Settings page on OptiMonk Integrations segment, choose Act-On from the menu. Enter your Act-On username and password. Don’t worry, we don’t store your Act-On password information, we only use this for authentication. Once you’ve entered your information, click on the Test button.


  2. In case you’ve already created lists before, you can choose a list from the List Name drop-down menu. Any subscribers to this campaign will be added to this list.


    In case you’re adding to an existing list and you’d like to mark which subscribers you receive from OptiMonk, you’ll need to create a new field to capture the value “OptiMonk”. Here’s how:

  3. In your Act-On account, Click on Contacts and then Standard Field Names from Your account menu that appears.


  4. You can use a field which has been created before, or you can create a new field to store the value ’OptiMonk’. Once you have the field you want to use, copy the name of the field.


  5. Paste the name into the Source Field Name field on the admin page at OptiMonk.

This is how a subscriber from OptiMonk will appear in your list at Act-On. Note in particular the Source column:


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