How to send my leads to Klaviyo?

You can integrate OptiMonk with Klaviyo and create and send professional emails using their system to the subscribers that you receive from OptiMonk.


  1. Under integrations, select where you would like to send your subscribers, choose Klaviyo.
    - You can then sign into your Klaviyo account
    -Click on Account in the top right and choose Account Settings from the drop down menu


  2. Click on API Keys


  3. Click on Create API Key


  4. Highlight, then right-click and copy the newly made key from the Private API Key column

    Then, paste the key in the API Key field in your OptiMonk campaign settings


    Optional: you can add the subscribers you receive through OptiMonk to a special list:

  5. On the Klaviyo site, click on Lists & Segments in the left sidebar menu.


  6. Once selected, view from the lists created to which list you would like to have your OptiMonk subscribers sent to. An example for my list is as below:


  7. Once confirmed, return to your OptiMonk settings, Click on the Authenticate Button.


    Once complte, you can now click on List ID to select which list you would like to send your leads to:


    You can now start getting subscribers and having them sent to your Klaviyo list.


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