Integrating OptiMonk with WooCommerce e-commerce platform

Integrating OptiMonk with WooCommerce is very simple and you will be ready to start showing your campaigns in no time.  Before we get started with installing the plugin onto your WooCommerce site you will need to have an account with OptiMonk, if you do not already have an account with OptiMonk then please register for your account here.

First, you will need to log in to the admin page of your WordPress website. 

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, so the admin page of your website will look similar to a WordPress website admin page. In order to use OptiMonk, you just need to install the OptiMonk plugin for your website.

Please also note that depending on if you use or, the admin page might look a little bit different, but the steps to install OptiMonk are similar.

To install the OptiMonk plugin, please follow these steps:

  1.  Login to your WordPress dashboard, on the left side menu, select Plugins > Add New


  2. On the plugin page, you will need to use the search function and enter “OptiMonk”, you should see the plugin “Exit Popups & Onsite Retargeting by OptiMonk”. Click on “Install Now” to install the OptiMonk plugin, once it has been installed you will then need to activate the plugin.


  3. Once you have activated the plugin you will be taken to the OptiMonk plugin settings page where you will need to enter your OptiMonk Account ID, you will need to get the OptiMonk Account ID from your OptiMonk account dashboard. 


  4. Sign in to your OptiMonk account at Scroll down and select Install code on the left:


  5. On the following popup you will want to select WordPress, this will display your OptiMonk ID


  6. Copy and Insert your OptiMonk ID Number into your WordPress OptiMonk plugin settings page, then click on “I’ve installed OptiMonk”.  Once you have entered the OptiMonk ID, you should now be ready to start showing off your OptiMonk campaigns on your WooCommerce site :)

    Click on Save Changes to finish the setup.

Congratulations, you can start using OptiMonk on your website!

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