How to redirect the visitors from popup?

With OptiMonk campaigns, you can set up different button events depending on which action you wish to take place when someone clicks on the button on the popup. You can find the button event if you click on the button of the popup: 


By selecting Redirect, it allows you to add a URL and whenever someone clicks on the button, they will be redirected to that page.

- This redirect option is good because you can make a connection for example between your products. You are selling a dress and when someone puts it in the cart, the popup can appear with an accessory, which looks very good with the dress. They click on the button and the button will redirect them to the accessory page.

- You can select what happens after someone clicks on the button - if you choose close, by clicking on it the popup will be closed. You can choose to redirect if you want the button to redirect the visitors to a particular page. Also, you can decide if by clicking on the button, we should jump to the next page or to any other particular page of your campaign.

- You can report it as a conversion, rejected or none. It is going to be shown within the internal database of Optimonk.

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