Google Analytics tips - How to check how many visitors have interacted with your campaigns on specific pages

In this guide, we will show you how you can check in your Google Analytics account a simple statistics about how many people have interacted with your OptiMonk campaigns on the different pages on your website.

But before you can jump into your account to check these statistics, it is very important to connect your OptiMonk account with Google Analytics based on this guide, if you have not done so yet. 

Once you have connected the two platforms together, just follow these simple steps to reach this goal:

Step 1: Click on Behavior here:  


Step 2: Select Events then Overview:



Step 3: From the event categories select OptiMonk:



Step 4: Once you have selected your event you would like to inspect, click on the Even Action button here:



Step 5: Click on the Secondary dimension button here, then type in "page" and select the Page secondary dimension for your statistics:


Now, you can see where the different events (shown, close (x), no, filled) with your OptiMonk campaign happened on the different pages on your website:



That's it! :) If you have any further questions or need any help, just let us know at and we would be happy to assist you :)

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