If I run a traffic redirection campaign, is it possible to open the page where I lead my traffic to with the popup, in a new tab?

Yes, you can do that with the custom HTML popup template in the OM-redirect-blank class.



This is the code of an HTML button you can insert to the custom HTML template. You need to write this class to the class among the input tags to make it work:

In this example the code redirects your traffic to www.google.com which will be opened in a new tab:


<div class="OM-box-form-line OM-box-form-line-button"><input type="submit" class="OM-popup-button OM-redirect-blank" value="[BUTTON_TEXT]" data-action="redirect" data-redirectUrl="https://www.google.hu/"></div>


In case you wish to have this function with one of our standard templates use this JavaScript within the JavaScript editor:


 $(document).on('optimonk#campaign-show', function() {

     $('.OM-conversion-action').on('click', function () { window.open('https://www.optimonk.com/', '_blank'); });



In this example „OM-conversion-action” is the class of the button and it redirects to optimonk.com

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