Integrating OptiMonk Campaigns with Marketo

Integrating Marketo with OptiMonk allows you to gather leads with OptiMonk and use Marketo’s powerful marketing tools to connect with your subscribers. It may come handy if you run marketing campaigns on a regular basis, so that the subscribers who signed up via OptiMonk will also get news about your upcoming promotions and news.

To set up integration with Marketo please follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the Campaign editor, scroll towards the Integrations and select Marketo from the list that appears.

  2. To integrate with OptiMonk, you will need to enable API calls at Marketo. To do so, please open a new tab or browser window, login to your Marketo account and follow their tutorial here.

  3. After following the instructions in Marketo’s tutorial, you will need to gather the “Host URL”, the “Client ID” and the “Client Secret” generated in your Marketo account. You can find the information by clicking on the “Admin” button in the menu shown here.

  4. Select “Integration” -> “Web Services” from the left menu. Copy the “HOST URL” from the“REST API” box, return to the tab or window with your OptiMonk admin dashboard and paste it in the corresponding field. Please note: You should remove the ’/rest’ part of the URL (e.g. Leave your Marketo account open in the other tab or browser for the next step.

  5. Now we’ll return to the Marketo site to gather the“Client ID” and “Client Secret”. Select“Integration” ->“Launchpoint”. Here you will see the list of services you have created. Select the service you created and click on “View details”to see your“Client ID” and “Client Secret”. Copy and paste them in the corresponding fields of your OptiMonk admin dashboard.

  6. Optional: You can add the subscribers you gather with OptiMonk to a specific list at Marketo. When you don't choose a list, leads will simply be added to your general lead database or a Smart List you have set up in Marketo.


That's it! Now, anytime a visitor signs up on your OptiMonk popup, they will be automatically added to your Marketo list. 

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