How does the Affiliate Partnership look like, what commission can I expect?

We recommend our Affiliate Partnership for Designers, Developers and Freelancers to maximize the ROI on their projects, Bloggers and Publishers to better monetize their traffic, consultants to earn revenue while their clients grow.

If you are an Affiliate Partner, we provide lifetime revenue share for every subscriber, which is registered by you directly or arrives through your partner link. Our Affiliate Partnership program is for all consultants and affiliates with a strong network of business contacts.

You can easily earn ongoing monthly revenue by referring other businesses to OptiMonk. You can earn up to a 35% share of revenue. Our top partners earn over $5,000 each month from referrals.

The below figures show the revenue share in % based on the number of active subscribers:


Here’s what we offer to our Affiliate partners:

  • easy-to-use partner dashboard where you can track your revenue and get paid easily


  • free resources - in addition to ongoing development and technical support, we offer promotional help including free resources to share the proven results of onsite retargeting with the contacts in your network, such Logos&Banners, Whitepapers, Email templates
  • All our partners and clients are welcomed to schedule a free meeting with us to discuss what works the best with OptiMonk on their sites (you can book an appointment anytime via:
  • within your affiliate account, you will be able to easily track the number of those who opened your affiliate link, number of those who signed up for the trial via your affiliate link, number and names of paid customers, total value of commissions
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