How can I manage my Clients’ Campaigns?

If you have a Reseller account, it is very simple to manage your Clients' Campaigns. Please follow the below steps to do so:

1) First, log in to your Reseller account at 

2) You will arrive in your Partner Dashboard. Click on the Client's name that you want to manage:


3) This will take you to your Client's account. You can see the top Campaigns at the bottom of the page. Click on Campaigns on the top left to see all the Campaigns of the account:


4) You will see a full list of all the Campaigns of your Client. You will be able to filter by Domain or Devices, show only active Campaigns or search by name:


Click on the Campaign's name you wish to edit:


5) Click on the Variant name you want to edit if you want to change the design, or click on Edit settings to modify the Campaign appearance rules (when to show and who should see the popup) and integrations:


6) Once you are done, you can return to your Partner Dashboard by clicking on Back to partner dashboard at the top:


That's it🙂If you have any further questions or need any help, please contact us via and we would be happy to assist you.

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