I don't see any impressions, why?

If you don’t see any impressions, you will have to check  the following:

  • Is the Campaign active?
  • Are there any variants under the campaign (click on the campaign and you will see the variants listed below)?
  • Is at least one variant active?
  • Is there at least one setting under the “When should the popup appear” option?
  • Is the Javascript code inserted into the website ? - you can easily check this by checking the source code of the website. Go to the website, hit ctrl+u, then ctrl+f and search for the word OptiMonk. If the word is present, the code has already been inserted. If not, please follow the guide from this article: https://support.optimonk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203021431-How-can-I-insert-the-JavaScript-code-

If, after going through this checklist, you still experience issues, please contact us via support@optimonk.com 

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