Integrating OptiMonk campaigns with Hubspot


The Hubspot integration with OptiMonk allows you to have subscribers added to your Hubspot mailing list when they fill out an OptiMonk popup form. It may come handy if you run marketing campaigns on a regular basis, so that the subscribers who signed up via OptiMonk will also get news about your upcoming promotions and news.

To start, please follow the next steps:

  1. Log in to your Hubspot profile and click on the "Marketing" dropdown menu
  2. Choose “Files and Templates” and then "Design and Tools"
  3. Click on “Create new file”, choose the JavaScript, name the file and insert the OptiMonk Javascript code
  4. Once saved, click on the "Actions" option and copy the code you can see here as well
  5. Click on the "Marketing->Website"  option on the top and pick an option where you would like to use OptiMonk: on your blog, landing page or website.
  6. Move the cursor to the website option and click on the “Edit” button
  7. Once you opened the webpage editor, click on the "Settings" menu and scroll down to the "Advanced Options"
  8. After clicking on it you will find a Head HTML box - insert the code copied before here
  9. Save and update the modifications


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