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Tabs, the minimized versions of your popups are positioned to one of the corners of your visitor’s screen when they are browsing your site, which helps you to maximize your conversion rate. They highlight your offer before/after it would actually appear so visitors have more time to digest the value they can get from you.

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Inputs / Custom form fields

With custom fields you’ll be able to customize the data you want to collect from your subscribers. You can send the information collected to any of the 40+ email softwares we have integrations with and retarget them with personalized offers for through the roof conversions.


Block elements

Block elements are the building foundations of your popups. Each block element represents a row divided into columns. You are able to customize the ratio of columns within the editor to your needs so virtually any design you can imagine is achievable.


Element sizing

To effectively create your popup designs you have to understand how elements are sized. You can think about an element as a box nested inside other boxes. Outside your element you set the padding which is the area between your element and the border. If you apply a background it will be applied to both the element and the the padding area. If you want to space out your elements you have to use top and bottom margins which are the areas above and below your element outside the element’s border.


What is Hover, margin and padding?

Hover is button design element. When you decide to add a hover colour to your button what happens is that the color of the button will change to the hover color when your visitors moves their mouse on the button.

Margin/Padding: What is your goal with it? In case you wish to move the elements on your popup, always use the margin option. Padding is usually used by designers. In case you are interested in seeing the difference between the two I’m happy to show it to you, however, keep margin in your mind. That’s what you’ll need most of the time.



Handling blocks

Your popop is built of rows and columns with elements nestable into each column. Block elements draggable from the left sidebar represent a row with configurable number of columns. You can add multiple rows to your popup by dragging more than one layout element into it. Layout elements can’t be placed next to each other, they can be only stacked. The same applies to elements. Multiple elements nested into a column will be stacked. If you want to place elements next to each other, you have to put them into different columns.


Button actions

Buttons are the connecting dots between your website and the popup. You can decide on the action you want to happen when your visitors click on a button. You can redirect them to a specific page on your website, another page of your popup, if your popup is built up of multiple pages or simply just close the popup. You also have the option to configure what that button click means to you by choosing how you want it to be reported in Google Analytics. You can choose from reporting it as a conversion, rejected or not reporting it at all. The latter two means that the button click won’t appear as a conversion in GA. With the “Campaign goal reached” switch you can decide if the it should be reported as a conversion towards our system and if so your popup won’t appear again to that specific visitior who clicked the button.


Color palette

Change your popup’s default colors by adjusting the palette in the Settings/Colors menu option. If you change any color, the system generates more adjacent colors. These colors will be available for quick selection in the color picker when you want to modify any element's color in the popup.


Adding and removing pages

You can add and remove pages by interacting with the icons above the editor address bar. To let your visitors navigate between pages you need to add a button to a page and set the button action to redirect users to the next page you wish. When you add a new page to your popup the page base styles (background color, font style, etc.) will be copied from the previous page. You also have the option to duplicate your page.



How to use the ’Messenger Subscribe’ type?

Click here.


What kind of new UseCases can I find in the Drag&Drop Editor?

With OptiMonk you can first get your visitors ready for instant purchase, newsletter subscription, or traffic redirection.These features have been extended with Messenger subscription, so you can communicate with your visitors not only via email but Facebook Messenger as well. It has also been complemented with social media elements so you can increase the number of your followers.

In addition, we provide questionnaire templates to get feedback from your visitors. Plus you are not only able to ask for e-mail, firstname and last name, but you can ask for any kind of custom data from your visitors!


What will happen to my old Campaigns?

You can still edit and use your old campaigns with the old editor until December 2018 however, with the new editor you can not edit your old popups. In the beginning of 2019 you will be able to use the Drag&Drop editor only for editing, but you can still use your old campaigns. We suggest to change or renew your campaign in every month or every second month



What types of custom fields do you have?


To create a custom field, you will have to drag an Input to the popup. After this a page will show up where you have to click on the +Create New button, following which you will be able to create custom fields. Under the Type field, you can choose what type of field you would like to have on the popup. We have the following custom fields:

  • Input field: e-mail address, number, phone number, URL, text fields
  • Controls field: radio, checkbox
  • Drop-down menu
  • Text box


Where will I see my custom data?

They will be visible within the internal, OptiMonk database and within some external databases. At the moment, we can hand over the custom fields to the following external databases: Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, Active Campaign, Webhook, Clevio.


Which external systems do you have direct integration with?


Currently, we have direct integration with the following systems: Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Infusionsoft, Active Campaign, Webhook, Sales autopilot (the list is continiously growing). 


Is OptiMonk GDPR Compliant with the Drag&Drop Editor?


Yes, that's another great advantage of our editor! Within the Drag&Drop Editor, you can create as many checkboxes as you wish to make your website GDPR compatible. If you would like a checkbox for the Privacy Policy and you would also like to send out newsletters with marketing content, you can create a checkbox for that as well.


I would like to set a picture as a background. What is the optimal picture size?

The optimal size is 980x650 pixels. However, the size of the picture can also differ as after choosing the picture, you will be able to crop it.


The popup’s appearance is totally different on mobile (it’s just not nice) than on PC. I’m trying to modify it but nothing happens.

The appearance of the popup on mobile has to be optimized on PC because there is no option to edit it on mobile. Use margins to move and adjust the elements.You can adjust the margins by clicking on the element that you would like to move, under the Margin option. In order to keep the original design of the popup on mobile as well try to use positive margins and avoid using negative margins.


How can I use my own Fonts?

Yes, you can. With the help of the CSS editor you can upload the font in question to your server and you will be able to use it. We usually use Google fonts, but if you require assistance please send us the font type, we will upload it to our server and then send over the link to you.  


Can I set up 8 offers in the Vegas template?

Sure! Click on the wheel to edit the sections. Under the Settings menu, you will be able to add/remove sections by using the ON/OFF button. You can use maximum 12 sections at a time.


When should I use the Video Template (Cannes)?


The video popup can be useful for you because as compared to a sales text on your website. So there is a high chance that the majority of your visitors will rather check the video instead of the articles that you have on the website. First you have to upload the video that you would like to use to Youtube and then you will be able to insert its link to the popup.

Videos can catch the attention of your audience more easily and can present the product from different perspectives. There is a high chance that the picture about the product won’t catch the attention of your visitors as much as the video will do. 

The video popup will increase the number of those visitors who checked out your videos so don’t be afraid to use it! I’d suggest using a video that has an approximate 3 sec. length to make sure that it will keep your audience engaged.


When will the video start?

There are two ways to play the video: autoplay or play it manually, depending on your popup settings. What is important, that it can be played before the subscription is done.


How long should a video be?

Technicaly, your video's lenghts is not limited, however, we suggest uploading videos which are not longer than a Youtube ad (30 seconds).


Can I decide what to happen after the video is over?

No, you cannot decide on this. You can decide what to happen after someone signed up on your list on the video popup, though.

No, you cannot decide on this. You can decide what to happen after someone signed up on your list on the video popup, though.


What is the Dallas Template good for?

You can use Dallas to ask for feedback from you customers right after they made a purchase on your site. On the first page you are able to offer them some kind of incentive for their feedback in return. On the second page they will need to rate their buying experience from 1-5 and then, on the third page they will have to leave a review for you. Pro tip: Use your great reviews as social proof on your site!


Is Template Budapest punished by Google?

Google's rules have become stricter, that's for sure. What is really important here is that it is only limited to welcome popups, which appear on Mobile devices only!

We wouldn't recommend you setting up a welcome popup for your visitors as it will not do any good for your conversion rate either. Always try to keep in mind that your popups should appear based on the behavior of your visitors. You can find out more about Google Restrictions here.


Should I put the e-mail input field on the first page of the popup or should I use a multi-step (like Dublin) template instead?

Test both! The two-button solution is good as unconsciously we usuallya do not say NO to any offers we recive. Then, after we decided to click on YES, chances of changing our mind are low. 

On the other hand the one-step popup is also very effective as it will make it possible for your visitors to sign up with one step only (so basically, the whole process is a lot simpler). 

Both solutions are great if you manage to show the right message to the right audience and at the right time. Give a try to both of them and see which one is preferred by your visitors.


Can I upload an image to the Ribbon of the Dublin Template?

Right now, this is not possible, however, you are able to edit the text on it.


Can I duplicate pages?

Yes, absolutely. Right above the template you can see numbers in small boxes. These numbers stand for the pages you have. Move your mouse over (hover your mouse) over the second box and click on Duplicate. That’s it.


Can I create a two-step popup or a simply one-step popup from a three-step popup?

Yes, you can. Right above the template you can see numbers in boxes. These numbers stand for the pages you have. Move your mouse over (hover your mouse) over the boxes and click on Delete. That’s it. In case you wish to add more pages click on the + Sign.


Can I modify the order of the pages?

Yes, absolutely you can. Just like the whole editor this also works based on drag and drop. 


Can I set up the Two-button templates (such as Dublin) in a way that the YES button takes the visitor to page Two, while the NO button takes them to page Three?

Yes, absolutely.

To do so, please click on the Yes button. Now, you’ll see a couple of options on the left. Under ‘Action’ you’ll see ‘On Click’. Choose “Jump to page” from the drop downhere, then choose “2” from “Choosen pages”. Do the same with the NO button, setting it up to jump the visitor to page 3. That’s all.


When should I set up the Actions of both of my Buttons to Jump to Page?

Whenever you provide two valuable options to your visitors instead of providing a simple YES or NO you are able to increase your conversion rate. This is because you are providing a choice to your visitors and they are choosing from two positive things instead of one positive and one negative.

A typical example is when you communicating 10 $ off on button one (e.g. on the yes button) and a free e-book on button two (on the no button) - in this case, your visitor is not simply deciding whether they are interested in a certain offer or not, but they are picking one of the two, and no matter which one they choose they’ll receive value from you.


Can I collect Youtube Subscribers?

Right now, it is something we cannot provide. You can collect Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram subscribers. Youtube will come later and while we are waiting for it I’d still suggest you check out our Cannes Template.


What is Messenger Integration? Why is it good?


Messenger integration is a secondary sales channel. In addition, it is good becasue today everyone has a facebook account and a smartphone. If it vibrates, people will see the message that came to them. As a result, messenger opening rates are much higher, around 85%, while the rate of opening newsletters is roughly 12%. We can target  better the younger generation with this kind of communication.


What systems can I use for it?

Currently, Recart (only compatible with Shopify) and Manychat.


Do I have to set up the integration every time I use a Messenger popup?

There is no need to integrate it every time, you just need to type in the Messenger ID.


What is NPS Nanobar?

NPS or Net Promoter Score is a Metric which is good to measure the loyality and satisfaction of your visitors and customers. To do so you'll use a very simple question: How likely would you recommend our products/services to your friends and family?

Your costumers can rate you on a scale 1-10. Those rating you from 1-6 will belong to Dectrators, who are destroying your avarage NPS rate.

Those rating you between 7-8 belong to the Group of Passives. They have zero influence on your average scores.

Those rating you from 9-10 are your Promoters who will have a positive influence on your average NPS Scores.

To calculate your NPS first you should check the average of your Industry so that you'll be able to compare your results with the average.

Calculation: Dectrators - Promoters.



What kind of Input should I use to ask for Dates?

We'd suggest you use the Dropdown option for this.


How can I move all elements in the same block?

Click on Settings, choose the block from the Tree you wish to move and the move the block instead of the elements. To do so, use Padding.


Can the Template Madrid countdown from a certain date?

Yes, it can. Click on the digit and then on the left handside choose Fix Date as a Type.


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