How to setup unique coupon codes for my visitors?

OptiMonk gives you an opportunity to provide unique coupon codes to your visitors. This will grant that one visitor gets one coupon code only once at a time. In order to set it up, please follow the next steps:

  1. Sign in to your OptiMonk account
  2. Create the campaign that you wish to work with  
  3. The coupon code can be added as a new element within the editor part of the campaign

Once you dragged and dropped the element on the popup, on the left side of the page switch Fix to Unique:

Then click on the  Edit Coupons button:

Next steps is to upload your coupon codes. You can put them down manually, divided by comma or upload a .txt or .csv file with the generated coupons:

IMPORTANT: Once the coupon codes are uploaded, you can track how many of them have been seen by the visitors earlier and how many of them are left.

If all of the coupon codes have already been seen by the visitors, you can decide what to be happen next:

  1. The campaign will no longer be displayed
  2. You can leave a message to your visitors that the coupon code is no longer available (for example, if you run a limited promotion). You can set this up here:


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