What are the pro features?

The pro features which are available starting from Growth plan are the following:


Custom Variables: Custom Variables give you an opportunity to display the popup based on the advanced behavior of the visitors, for example, based on their name provided during the time of registration. 


Cart Rules: This type of segmentation allows to display the popup by detecting the content of cart of the visitors. You can determine the value and the exact item that has been placed to cart and the campaign will be triggered only then. 


Link OptiMonk Campaigns: Use the following option to display the popup depending on other campaigns. For example, once a popup is filled in, you can display the offer in a progress bar too.


Block IP addresses: Use this option if you want to exclude visitors with a specific IP address or range.

Cookie segmentation: You can use this function to segment the visitors based on the cookies. 


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    Maciej Baranowski

    can you please elaborate on the cookie segmentation? How can we use that? Thanks!