Smart Display by Recart

If you use Recart for Facebook Messenger marketing, you can use Smart Display in your subscription campaigns to enhance your visitors' subscription experience.

The main purpose of Recart’s Smart Display is to make the subscription process as simple as possible. Smart Display detects whether a visitor is logged in to Facebook via the currently used browser. Your campaign will automatically offer Messenger subscription when they are, and email subscription when they are not. 

As a result it will greatly improve visitors’  willingness to subscribe since they won’t have to go through the cumbersome process of logging in to Facebook just to subscribe.

Let’s see how you can enable this in your account!

1. You will find the option to enable Smart Display in OptiMonk’s Drag and Drop Editor:

Just to illustrate how this setting changes what your visitors will see on the popup based on whether they are logged into Facebook or not:


As you can see above, depending on whether your visitor is logged in to Facebook or not, they might only see an e-mail input on your Recart campaign, but not a Messenger button.

You can find out more about our Recart integration here.

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