Scratch Card And Lucky Wheel Templates

Gamification is quite a new trend, and it means the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts, like marketing campaigns. That makes our popup campaign more interesting and effective. But that is not all: gamification helps to make visitors interactive in a way that is fun for them, too.

We have some special templates with the “Scratch Card” or the “Lucky Wheel” elements. To try them, create a campaign with the “New Campaign” button under the “Campaigns” category, and then take a look at the templates! Be aware, however, that the gamification elements cannot be added separately to your campaign. So, to be able to use them, you have to choose a template that originally contains the Lucky Wheel or the Scratch Card.

To try the Lucky Wheel, choose the Vegas template, and to use the Scratch Card, look for the template named Macau!



What is exactly a „Scratch Card” and how can I use it? 

In order to use the Scratch Card element, choose the template named Macau when creating a new campaign. A campaign like this provides an excellent opportunity for collecting more newsletter subscribers and building a better email list. Why? Because you can set up that to be able to scratch, your visitors should provide their email addresses. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Just click on the email field and click on the “Required?” radio button.

If you click on the grey squares of the scratch card, the “Edit scratch card” menu will pop open on the left side. Here you can modify the message, the winning and losing background and the scratchable background itself, as well. 


Under the “Settings” option, you can provide the Weighting Factor for the winning options of the winning tile. It is important to know, that when the scratch card opens for a visitor,  only one square of the total 4 will win. In this editor, you can provide the probability of the prize (alias the coupon code) coming up for your visitors. For example, you can set up coupon codes of lower discount with a higher weighting factor, so it will ofter appear during the campaign. The coupons providing high discounts can have a lower weighting factor, so it will be more rare. 

Of course, the scratch card works with only one coupon code, as well. That means, that all of your visitors find the same prize. The Scratch Card will remain active until the visitor finds the winning sign, so the success is guaranteed!



What is exactly a “Lucky wheel” and how can I use it? 

In order to use the Lucky wheel element, choose the template named Vegas when creating a new campaign. This type of campaign is one of the most fun ways to collect newsletter subscribers. In order to be able to spin the wheel, the visitors need to provide their email address. Why will they do that? Because everybody likes to win! 


Click on the wheel itself, so the editor named „Lucky wheel” will pop open at the left side. Here you can change the background, the colors and design of the wheel easily. 

If you click on the Settings button, an option panel will pop up containing the detailed weighing factors and chances to win. If you modify the weighting factors, the winning chances will be recalculated automatically. Under the Titles, you can provide the text that should appear on each and every element of the wheel. You can create non-winning options, as well. However, if you set the weighting factor to 0 in case of these options, they will never be the result of the spin. This is a nice way to make the game even more exciting, and it gives your visitors an extra satisfactory feeling for success. Keep in mind, that the visitors spinning the wheel have already provided their email addresses. That is why we do not recommend to give winning chances to these non-winning slices.

You can provide the fix coupon codes for every winning option in this detailed settings panel, too.

After the spinning, the Thank You Page will open up automatically. It will contain the relevant coupon code, as well.  



What kind of coupon codes can I use in the case of the Scratch card and the Lucky wheel? 

When you are using OptiMonk, you can usually choose between fix and unique coupon codes. However, if we speak about our gamification elements, you can only use fix codes. As every winning element has its own, pre-defined coupon code, that means that all of your visitors get the same coupon code for each winning element. What should that code be? You can provide that by clicking on the scratch card or the lucky wheel, in the Settings tab. 

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