Displaying Popup Only on Specific Pages - Current Page Rule

The “Current Page / URL” Campaign rule is perfect if you want to show the campaign only to those visitors who are browsing (or not browsing) a specific page on your site currently.

In case you have a Shoprenter website, you can find an article about the Current page rule here, and in case you have a Shopify website, you can find it here

You can set it up with the following steps:

1) Log in to your OptiMonk account at https://app.optimonk.com/login/en 

2) Select Campaigns on the left:


3) Select the Campaign you want to set up by clicking on its name:


4) Click on Edit settings on the right:


5) Click on Add new condition under Select who should see the popup:


6) Select Current Page / URL from the list by clicking on the Add sign:


You will be able to customize the settings on the next page:


I) Setting up a Condition

If you click on the drop-down menu ''equals'', you will see the available options you can use for your Campaign rule:


You will find a couple of examples below to help you understand how the settings work.

II.) Define the Variable


The Current Page / URL setting will check your website's pages for the Variable, depending on the Condition setting you have used.

Examples for setting the Condition and the Variable:

If you only want to show the Campaign on one specific page, select the ''Equals'' option for the Condition, and then insert the URL of the page as Variable. In this example, the Campaign will only show up on the following page: optimonk.com/smartphones/type_452_black:


Similarly, you can set up the Campaign to only show up on your main page:


If you want to make sure that the Campaign will not show up on your main page, change the Condition to ''doesn't equal'':


You can also set up a rule so that the Campaign will only show up when the visitor is browsing in a specific product category. You can use the ''Contains'' setting to set this up. In this example, I will define the Variable as ''accessories'', which means the Campaign will show up on all the pages of my website where the URL contains the phrase ''accessories'':


You can use the ''Doesn't contain'' setting to exclude certain pages from the Campaign. In this example, the Campaign will not show up on pages where the URL contains the phrase ''smartphone'':


III.) Add a new Campaign rule 

We can set up multiple rules for the Current Page / URL by clicking on the Add new button:


Rule out pages from the Campaign

If you want to rule out certain pages from the Campaign, you could use the ''doesn't contain'' setting. Here is an example:


Here I have set the Campaign to not show up on pages where the URL contains the phrase ''blog''. Using similar settings, you can exclude any page from your Campaign.

7) Click on Save then Next in the top right corner to save your settings:


That's it! If you have any further questions or need any help, just let us know at support@optimonk.com, and we would be happy to assist you :)

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