Track your assisted revenue in your OptiMonk Dashboard

You can track the monetary value, efficiency, and performance of your OptiMonk messages over time on the Dashboard of your account.

When you have a Shopify website, OptiMonk shows the revenue it contributed to and calculates how much an impression is worth to you:



How does it work? 

When a visitor performs any action that is reported as a conversion (like filling out a form or clicking on the "Call to action" button on the OptiMonk campaign) and makes a purchase within 5 days after the conversion, this will be attributed to our Assisted Revenue calculation.

The purchase value is not calculated by OptiMonk; we use the numbers reported by Shopify. The value reported by Shopify looks something like this:

<!-- Total = subtotal + shipping cost - shipping discount + taxes -->Total: {{ checkout.total_price | money }}<!

For example, a $500 product with a $50 discount, $10 shipping, and a tax rate of 20% would be reported as a total of: $552.00

As you can see, the reported price includes the following:

  • product price
  • shipping cost
  • discount
  • taxes

In addition to the Assisted Revenue, you will also see your Impression Value on your OptiMonk dashboard, which shows you how much extra revenue is generated on average by each OptiMonk impression. It is calculated by dividing Assisted Revenue by the total number of Impressions within a given time period.

If you have any further questions or need any help, just let us know at and we would be happy to assist you :) 

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