Feedback element

Improve customer experience on your website with customer insights


Sometimes your website visitors just leave and you don’t know why. They come and go without buying anything.

What if you could easily ask your visitors how they feel about your website at the moment they are about to leave? You can identify possible improvement areas by asking your customers at different stages of the buying experience.

Optimonk’s Feedback element helps you gain valuable customer insights on any part of your website. You can set up rules when and for whom to show a feedback element. Quickly design 5 stars, 3-option emoji, or Yes-No feedback elements and let your visitors leave their opinions in a blink of an eye.

How can the Feedback element help you?

Improve checkout experience: Ask your customers at the end of the buying process to see how much they like the experience. Insights collected in real-time are the most relevant and valuable.

Discover exit-intent reasons: Put exit-intent feedback popups on pages where you see more exits than tolerated and see how your visitors feel on those pages.

Gather general feedback about your website: Get to know your visitors’ feelings about your website or product.

Understand the reasons behind visitors’ behavior: The only way to improve your store's  performance is to understand what your visitors want and what’s preventing them from achieving it.

Okay, so how can I gather feedback in OptiMonk?

It’s easy as pie. You only have to choose the Feedback Element in OptiMonk’s Drag and Drop editor to set up your feedback popup.


For the Feedback element, you can choose between 3 types:

  1. 5-Star
  2. Smiley
  3. Yes-No


Once you chose the Feedback type of your needs you should also enter your own question. To do so, simply put your own words under “question” on the left:


The icons are also fully customizable – as almost everything in your OptiMonk account. You can change the icon size, the spacing, and the color as well.


It’s important to note that these icons generally act as buttons. They can be set to “Close”,  “Next page” or “Jump to page” as usual.


  1. Close: This option will close the popup on button click.
  2. Next page: The Next page option will navigate the visitor to the next page of the popup.
  3. Jump to page: The Jump to page option will navigate to a specific page of the popup.

“Jump to page” can also be set by rating to ask additional questions based on the rating of you visitor.


As a common example, you can provide an immediate coupon code or can simply thank your visitor if they gave you a good feedback, or you can ask extra questions if they gave you a neutral or a bad one to better understand their concerns.

That’s it. Asking for feedback from your visitors has never been easier!


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