Product Element

OptiMonk can use your Shopify Store products’ images and info directly for the on-site messages to design content with product offers much faster as you do not even need to upload the products to OptiMonk one by one. You can choose from one of our many available templates, or you can create your own with our Product Element. 

While using Product Element for Upsell purposes may increase the chance of immediate conversion, the extra value that it has is that your visitors can place the product directly to their cart. This will save their time as there will be no need to navigate them to the products page first to proceed with purchasing.

1. You can find a template that already has a Product Element by selecting the Increase sales goal when you select a template:


2. Select a design you like. You will see a preview first. If you like the design, click Details, then Select template:


3. Once in the Editor, you will see the Product Element on the left, under Add Element:


4. This template already has the Product Element. If you click Product under Layout, you will see the available options on the left:


You can also get there by simply clicking on the Product Element in the design:


5. A dropdown will appear if you click on Mode, where you can select Manual, Recently viewed, and Most popular:


This is a new feature we call Product Recommendations in OptiMonk that can help you show personalized product offers based on your visitors' browsing history. You can increase conversion, engagement, and cart value at the same time while reducing cart abandonment.

You can find out more about these settings here:

6. If you click on one of the products on the popup you can select your own product, from the list of products you have already uploaded to your Shopify store:


You can select any of the products listed or you can also just use the Search Product option to find the one you need. 

Once you select the item(s) to recommend, the 

  • product image
  • product name,
  • price and 
  • SKU 

will be synced and automatically displayed on the popup. What is more, if you have a reduced price, we’ll even display the old price crossed out.

In case you don’t have a Shopify store you are still allowed to use the Product Element to do upsell on your site. Syncing, however, will not work in this case so you’ll have to upload the product images and all important information manually (name, price, etc.) before activating your message. 

  1. Simply click on one of the product elements and open your options on the left to enable your modifications.
  2. In case you don’t want to show the SKU or any other information you can also just switch them off.


This way setting up the popup will probably take a couple of extra minutes compared to product syncing available for Shopify, but totally worth the time. 

If you have any further questions or need any help, just let us know at and we would be happy to assist you :) 

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