OptiMonk Campaign Editor update

We have recently updated our Campaign Editor to make it even easier to use. You can access the templates the same way as before:

1) First, log in to your OptiMonk account at https://app.optimonk.com/login/en 

2) Select New campaign on the right side to see the available Campaign templates:


You can filter the templates based on Goal, Message Type, and Themes:mceclip1.png

3) If you move your mouse over a template, you can see the average conversion rate of the design:mceclip2.pngTo select the template, click on Select.

4) Click on Create Campaign to continue:mceclip3.png

5) You will need to select a domain where you want to use your Campaign:mceclip4.pngOnce you have selected the domain, click on Next to continue to the Campaign Editor.

The Campaign Editor

As you can see the basic layout of the Campaign Editor did not change:mceclip5.pngYou can still find the pages of the Campaign at the top, you can change between desktop and mobile view on the right, and see additional options on the left. 


You can see that there are 3 menu options on the left: Step, Layout, and Add Element.

Step: under Step, you can see basic Theme color settings for your Campaign design:mceclip0.png

Layout: you can see all the Elements of the selected Campaign page:mceclip1.png

Add Element: you can add new Elements to your Campaign under Add Element:mceclip2.png

Editing Campaign Elements

If you click on a Campaign Element, you will see it's options on the left:mceclip3.png


You will see 2 or 3 menu options for the settings of the Element: General, Style, and Advanced.

General: under General, you usually see the options that are unique to that specific Element type. In the case of a Button Element, for example, you can see the Button actions:mceclip4.png

In the case of a Floating Image, you can see image settings:mceclip5.png

Style: you will see Border and shadow options here. Additionally, if Display and Background settings are available for the Element, you can find them under Style as well.mceclip6.png

: you can find the Spacing and Responsive options under Advanced:mceclip7.png

The Responsive setting allows you to hide an Element on desktop or on mobile view:mceclip8.png

If you have a hidden Element, it is also represented in the Layout menu:mceclip9.png

If you move your mouse over a page, you will have the option to Delete, Duplicate or Edit the name of the page:mceclip10.png

You can add a new page with the Plus sign, and save your work by clicking on Next in the top right corner:mceclip11.png


If you have any questions or need any help, just let us know at support@optimonk.com and we would be happy to assist you :) 

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