MailWizz integration

MailWizz is a unique self-hosted email marketing software, which is also very simple to set up with OptiMonk. If you want to forward the data of the visitors that subscribed through your OptiMonk Campaigns, please follow the below steps on how to do so:

1. First, please log in to your OptiMonk account at

2. Select Campaigns on the left menu, then select the Campaign you wish to set up:


3. Select the Edit settings on the right:


4. Click on Add new integration under Add integration:


5. Select MailWizz from the available list:


You will see the following screen:

You can get the API URL, the Public key, and the Private key from your MailWizz account with the below steps.

6. Log in to your MailWizz account in a new browser window. Select API Keys on the left menu:


7. If you do not have any API Keys yet, click on Create new:

On the next screen, give a name to the API Key, then click Save in the bottom right corner.

8. Copy the Public key and Private key in the appropriate fields in your OptiMonk account. You can get the API URL in MailWizz by clicking on the information icon on the left:


9. Once you have inserted the information from your MailWizz account, give a name to the integration then click Done in OptiMonk to continue:


10. On the last screen you will be able to set up field bindings, which associate the input fields in your OptiMonk account with the field names in your MailWizz account. This determines where to forward what information:


Click Done and Next in the top right corner to save the changes. That's it! :) 

Please note you will only see the input fields listed here that you have added to your Campaign. You can add new fields in the Campaign Editor.

In MailWizz, each list has its own custom fields and in order to add new fields to it, you have to login as a customer to your MailWizz account, go to your email lists, click on your desired list name and then, from the list overview page, click on the Custom Fields box.

If you need any further help or have any questions, just let us know at and we would be happy to assist :)

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