Brand Kit

Defining your brand identity elements in Brand Kit can save you significant time when creating campaigns from scratch. This tab in Editor also allows you to create a unified look for all your popup campaigns effortlessly by defining key elements of your brand identity in OptiMonk:

- brand colors,
- fonts,
- corner style.

OptiMonk will remember your Brand Kit settings the next time you create a popup campaign, thus, saving you significant time on designing every page of popups (main page, teasers and thank you page) to match your brand.

In this article, we’re giving you an overview on

1. How to access the Brand Kit
2. Which templates are Brand Kit-compatible
3. How to define brand identity elements in Brand Kit
4. Changing Brand Kit settings

How to access the Brand Kit?

Brand Kit can be accessed from the Editor when you create a new popup campaign. Simply select the Brand Kit tab from the top on the left sidebar to display your setting options.


Which templates are Brand Kit compatible?

OptiMonk’s Brand Kit-compatible templates sync design settings across different popup versions. Thus, pre-defined Brand Kit elements will be automatically applied to future campaigns when Brand Kit-compatible templates are used.

❗ Please, note that Brand Kit is only available for the following themes:

- Modern
- Prestige
- Minimal
- Energetic
- Photographic
- Clean

❗In case, you cannot see this tab in Editor, you’re probably using a theme unsupported by this feature.



How to define brand identity elements in Brand Kit

Main color

You have the option to select a single main color. Our Brand Kit-compatible templates rely on multiple shades of your main color. OptiMonk automatically calculates 4 matching shades of the defined main color. These are darker and lighter versions of the given color. The exact tone depends on the darkness/lightness of the original color to make sure that the colors on your personalized templates will be in harmony.

Secondary colors

You can choose up to 4 other secondary colors according to your brand book. Secondary colors must be defined in Hex color codes such as #ED5A29 or #272727.



To pre-set a font type used across your popup campaigns, you have two options:

  • Either select a font supported by OptiMonk from the list,
  • Or upload any custom font family.

The selected font will be used for all text elements on your current and future popups including the ‘X’ for closing the popup.



Brand Kits offers 4 options for corner style: none, small, medium, and large.

The selected corner style will be used for various form elements including, the corner of your popups, button elements, and teasers.



💡 Changing Brand Kit settings will not affect any previously saved campaigns.

Changing Brand Kit Settings

Brand Kit will always remember your set of brand element settings and offer those to you by default when you create a new campaign.

As for older campaigns, your settings won’t change once you make modifications to your Brand Kit. You’ll be shown the Brand Kit settings you saved with your last campaign. If you wish to update your older campaigns with new Brand Kit settings, you’ll have to do that one by one for every campaign for cautionary reasons.

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