User Experience Protector

In this article, we're giving you an overview on

  1. What the User Experience Protector is
  2. How to set up the User Experience Protector
  3. How to determine the priority of campaigns

What is the User Experience Protector?

User Experience Protector serves as a guardian angel of user experience, assuring that your visitors never get overwhelmed with popups. Working like a shield, it allows only a given number of campaigns to be displayed for visitors within a selected timeframe. Further campaigns will be shown when the time frame is over.

💡 Please, note that this is still an experimental feature currently under development.

How to set up UX protector

The default setting as part of onboarding

As this feature is still currently under development, some newly registered users will have the option to choose a User Experience Protector setting as part of their onboarding process.


As part of the onboarding process, users can choose from three default settings:

  • Safe - Optimized for user experience, compromising on conversions if necessary.
  • Normal - Best combination of conversions and user experience.
  • Off - Smart protection disabled. Your campaigns will appear exactly as you set them up.

How to change User Experience Protector settings

Follow these steps to access the feature:

  1. Go to Settings by selecting your account info on the navbar.
  2. Select ‘User Experience Protector’ and select any of the available options. 

💡 Please, note that if you have multiple active campaigns, the priority of campaigns will be the deciding factor in which campaigns will be displayed first. 

Determine the priority of campaigns

If User Experience Protector is enabled, campaigns will appear based on their priority.

Priority of campaigns can be determined for each campaign on the campaign level.


Open a campaign of which priority you would like to change. In the ‘Status and Schedule’ bar you’ll see three different priority options on the left:

  • high,
  • normal,
  • low.

OptiMonk will prioritize your campaigns relative to each other, meaning that a high-priority campaign will always be shown first, campaigns with normal priority after, and low-prio campaigns last.

Learn more about Campaign Priority Settings.

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