Emarsys integration

Emarsys is one of the most popular customer engagement platforms to craft personalized customer experiences. Thanks to our integration with Emarsys, it only takes a few steps to sync your subscribers from OptiMonk with your Emarsys account.

Follow these 5 simple steps to add the Emarsys direct integration to any of your OptiMonk campaigns.

  1. First, please log in to your OptiMonk account at https://app.optimonk.com/login/en
  2. Select Campaigns on the left menu, then select the Campaign you wish to set up:
  3. Click on Edit settings on the right-hand side:
  4. Click on Add new integration under Add integration:
  5. Select Emarsys from the list of available integrations:
  6. You will see the following window:
  7. To generate or view your API users and keys: Login to your dashboard in Emarsys and click on Admin -> Security Settings -> API users tab. Create a new API user, then copy and paste its user name and secret key into OptiMonk.
  8. Here you’ll be prompted to select the list from all your Emarsys lists you’d like to sync your OptiMonk subscribers to. Depending in what type of input fields your OptiMonk campaign has (e.g. email, coupon code, etc.), you can select the corresponding field identifier in Emarsys. You can also add any custom static fields here.
    1. Once you’re ready, click first Done and then Next in the top right corner to save changes.

    That's it!
    If you need any further help, just let us know at support@optimonk.com. We’re happy to help.

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