Sync to integration & Smart Sync

When visitors abandon popups before completing all steps, the information they provided up until that point can get lost in case of multi-step popups. Sync to integration settings allows users to select when they wish to send visitor data into their marketing automation software or integration of choice. In this article, we describe

How to change Sync to integration settings in Editor

To change Sync to integration settings, simply follow these steps:

1. Log in to your OptiMonk account at
2. Select Campaigns on the left, then select a Campaign you wish to edit (note: we recommend choosing a Campaign where you have an Input Element, your best choice is multi-step campaigns like the Trojan Horse.


3. Select the Variant you want to edit:


4. Click on a button on a page with an input element for the Sync to integration settings to show:ör


5. Select the type of sync you’d like to use from the dropdown: Right away or Smart Sync.
6. If you have multiple input elements in your campaign, you can repeat the process in case of each button.smart_sync__2_.png
7. Make sure to hit Save to save your settings.

What does Right Now Sync to integration setting mean?

Right Now sync means that OptiMonk send contact info of multistep popups into your integration of your choice one by one. For example, if a visitor is asked to provide their email on the first page of the popup, OptiMonk will send their email address into your marketing automation software right away without waiting for the user to fill in other input field on other pages of your popup.

Please note that sending their email address (or any other piece of contact information) into your marketing automation software right away might trigger an email flow even if the same visitor is asked to give their phone number at a later step. 

What is Smart Sync?

Smart Sync has two main advantages compared to 'Right now sync':
1. If a visitor completes each step of you popup, OptiMonk will wait up until the last step to send in all contact information into your marketing automation software. This way, if a phone number or additional contact info is provided, your marketing automation software will receive all contact information at once and e-mail flows or other welcome flows will not start prematurely.

2. Smart Sync can detect if your visitor abandons your popup without filling out all input fields and sends all gathered data into your integration up until that point. So you don't have to worry about sending all their contact info in at once. OptiMonk will make sure that no piece of contact information will get lost along the way.


Thats' it! :) If you have any further questions or need any help, just let us know at and we would be happy to assist you :)

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