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Shopify introduced Online Store 2.0 themes that are built on a framework that allows merchants to add an app to a theme or update an app, without altering a merchant’s theme code. OptiMonk can now be added to any Shopify store as an app extension so that merchants can enjoy the benefits of Shopify’s updated framework and Online Store 2.0 themes. OptiMonk users are free to decide whether they wish to add OptiMonk as an app extension to their Shopify store.

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What is Shopify app embed mode?

Shopify app embed mode is a way of adding OptiMonk to your Shopify store. Before the introduction of Online Store 2.0 themes, OptiMonk’s script had been added to the theme code of your store.

The new system, however, packages code in modular blocks, giving merchants more control. Code is not only inserted or removed in an easier way, but this new framework also makes themes easier to support and troubleshoot.

Who is Shopify app embed more available to?

Shopify app embed mode is available for all Shopify stores. You do not have to have an Online Store theme 2.0 installed.

How to enable Shopify app embed mode

1) First, log in to your account at

2) Go to Settings by first selecting your account info on the navbar.

3) Under Settings, click on Domains.

4) Select the domain of your Shopify store where you’d like to enable Shopify app embed mode.

5) Here, under Installation code, you should find Shopify app embed mode disabled by default. To enable it, set the toggle from Inactive to Active.

6) You’ll be taken to the theme editor of your Shopify store where you can see all app extensions listed that you have installed. OptiMonk will now be set to active, the only step left that you have to do is click on Save.


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