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One campaign, different experience to every visitor.

The era of the one-size-fits-all approach is officially over. Customers expect a highly-relevant experience everywhere online. However, living up to these expectations is not always easy if you’re not, let’s say, Amazon and your resources are somewhat *cough* limited. We believe that presenting a highly-relevant message to each segment shouldn’t be difficult. This is why Experiences is about to be one of the most powerful features of OptiMonk.

What’s Experiences going to help me solve?

Marketers are used to creating different customer journeys for different segments. Having multiple versions of the same message, landing page or popup with a different headline is something probably many marketers come across when running search campaigns for example.

Even if you want to edit a small section of said landing page, message or popup you’ll have to go back and modify each of them. It’s already painful to think about it.

So we had an idea: What if you had only a single message that can provide a different experience for each segment?

Show a different headline to returning visitors such as “welcome back” to new visitors “Browse this season’s favorites” within THE SAME CAMPAIGN.


How will Experiences work?

The heart and soul of Experiences will be targeting. You’ll have the option to micro-target messages to different segments within the same campaign.

Let’s say you have a basic message.

But you’d like to show a different version of that basic message to a certain segment of visitors such as greeting returning visitors by their first name.

Experiences will allow you pick some targeting rules and apply them on the message variant level, allowing you to precisely target a sub-segment of visitors.

Curious what Experiences will allow you to? Here are some examples

You could even tailor your offers within the same message:

  • show free shipping to some visitors from some countries and not to others,


  • offer higher discounts to loyal customers,


  • simply change the language or imagery on your popup/Embedded Content.

Can’t wait to take Experiences for a spin? Sign up for early access

Experiences will be available in beta version for a small number of selected users for them to try and provide feedback. If you’d like to be one of them, apply now for our beta program to assure your early access at support@optimonk.com or right in the app.

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