Integrating OptiMonk with Drupal website

You can easily integrate OptiMonk with your Drupal site by following the instruction described below. The step-by-step guide is going to introduce you which actions to take in order to implement OptiMonk on your website successfully. You’ll be able to set it up in no time to your site and then getting started with creating and optimizing your OptiMonk campaigns.


Here's how to integrate your OptiMonk account on your Drupal site:

1. Login to your Drupal Admin dashboard.

2. Go to Structure -> Block layout -> Custom block library and click on the Add custom block button to create your custom block.

3. Change the text editor to Source mode and insert the OptiMonk javascript code and save it.


4. Go to the Block layout page and click on the Place block button at the Footer first section and select your custom block then Save.


Congratulations, you're all set! Please note, if you would like to use cart segmentation with Drupal, then you have to develop it. More information here.

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