Segmentation based on Shopify visitor’s login status

You can differentiate your clients based on whether they are logged into their accounts when visiting your site or not.


We know that those clients who already have an account and are also logged in, tend to be a lot more engaged compared to those who don’t have an account yet. 

Your communication should depend a lot on the level of engagement, so by simply enabling this segmentation option, you can display different messages to your visitors. 

Setting up a new rule only takes a couple of seconds, please follow the next steps to complete it: 

  1. Log in to your OptiMonk account, then Select Campaigns on the left, and select a Campaign you wish to edit or create a new campaign.



  1. Select Edit Settings on the right side of the screen:



   3. Click on Select Who should see the popup, then Add new condition: 



  1. You will see a rule called Shopify logged in user. Click on the orange plus sign next to it:

    Select the option you would like to use (logged in / not logged in) then click Save and Next in the top right corner to save the changes:Ke_pernyo_foto__2020-05-27_-_16.05.41.png

    This is it. Now, you can display different messages based on the level of engagement, the sky's the limit :) 

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