Magento integration

Magento is a great tool to build a website. OptiMonk has direct integration with Magento, so you can use the OptiMonk application (available in the Magento Marketplace) to integrate the two systems. Installing an application on Magento takes a couple of steps. You can find a detailed guide to help you down below:

  1. First, log in to your Magento Marketplace account at Click on your name in the top right corner, then click on My Profile:


  2. Click on Marketplace then Access Keys under My Products:


  3. Select your Magento version, then click on Create A New Access Key:

    Give a name to your access key then click OK:

  4. This will create a Public and a Private Key. We will need these Keys for our Magento Admin page:


    Open the Magento Admin page in a new browser window, and click on System, then Web Setup Wizard:


    Also take a note of your Magento version, as you will need this information later:


  5. Select Component Manager on the next page:


  6. Select Sign in to sync your Magento Marketplace purchases:


  7. You will need the previously created Public and Private keys from the Magento Marketplace. Copy them, then click Sign in:


  8. Go back to Magento Marketplace, click on the Search bar at the top, and search for OptiMonk:


  9. You will see different versions of the application available depending on the version of your Magento. Select the correct version of the OptiMonk application, then click on Add to Cart:


  10. Complete the checkout steps. The OptiMonk application is free in the Magento Marketplace. 


  11. Go back to your Magento Admin page / Component Manager, and click on Sync:


    Click on Install under New Purchases:

    Select the OptiMonk application from the list, then click Install.

  12. Click on Start readiness check:


  13. Once it is finished, click on Next:

    In the next step, you will be able to create a backup. Click Next once you have selected the options you want to use.

  14. Click on Install to finish the setup:


  15. Log in to your OptiMonk account in a new browser window at Select the Insert Code icon on the left, then select Magento.


    Copy your OptiMonk ID and paste it into the Magento Admin page to finish the setup.

That's it! :) If you have any further questions or require additional help, please let us know at and we would be more than happy to assist you :) 

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