Scratch Card Templates

Gamification is quite a new trend, and it means the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts, like marketing campaigns. That makes our popup campaign more interesting and effective. But that is not all: gamification helps to make visitors interactive in a way that is fun for them.

We have some special templates with the 'Scratch Card' element. To try them, create a campaign with the 'New Campaign' button under the 'Campaigns' category, and then take a look at the templates!


Be aware, however, that the gamification elements cannot be added separately to your campaign. So, to be able to use them, you have to choose a template that originally contains the Scratch card.

To find the templates that have a scratch card, element on them, filter the templates by selecting 'Gamification' where all our gamification templates will be listed.

To try the Scratch Card, choose any of our templates with a scratch card element, for example, the Macau template.


What is exactly a 'Scratch Card' and how can I use it? 

Scratch cards hide the prize behind an opaque layer that has to be scratched in order to reveal the price (in our case a coupon code) for the visitor.
A campaign like this provides an excellent opportunity for collecting more newsletter subscribers and building a better email list. Why? Because you can set up that to be able to scratch, your visitors should provide their email addresses. 

If you click on the grey squares of the scratch card, the “Edit scratch card” menu will pop open on the left side. Here you can modify the message, the winning and losing background, and the scratchable background itself, as well. 



Under the “Settings” option, you can provide the Weighting Factor for the winning options of the winning tile. It is important to know, that when the scratch card opens for a visitor, only 1 square out of the 4 will win. In this editor, you can provide the probability of the prize (the coupon code) coming up for your visitors. For example, you can set up coupon codes of lower discounts with a higher weighting factor, so it will appear more often during the campaign. The coupons providing high discounts can have a lower weighting factor, so it will be rarer. 


Of course, the scratch card works with only one coupon code, as well. That means, that all of your visitors find the same prize. 

Important: only fix coupon codes can be used on the scratch card element, unique coupon codes can't be used with these templates. As every winning element has its own, pre-defined coupon code, that means that all of your visitors get the corresponding coupon code for each winning element. 

After the scratching, the 'Thank You' page will open up automatically, it will contain the relevant coupon code.

The coupon code will be displayed using dynamic text replacement, this is vital for the template to work properly as you can't predict which visitor will win which coupon code. The dynamic text replacement will ensure that the right coupon code will be displayed to the right visitor. Therefore, please do not rename the [[COUPON_CODE]] field on the 'Thank You' page. 


Important: As this is a Text Element and not a Coupon Code element, unfortunately, the Shopify coupon code auto-redemption is not available for our gamification templates.


If you have any further questions or need any help, please contact us at, and we would be happy to assist you :)



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