Source based targeting

Our traffic source segmentation feature allows you to display specific messages to visitors coming from different sources like Google Ads, Google Organic, Facebook, or Direct right in your OptiMonk dashboard with a click of a button. By defining custom sources, you can target as many traffic sources as you wish.

Please see below the difference between all of your traffic sources and how traffic is classified.

Direct access: direct traffic to a website occurs when a visitor arrives directly on a website, without having clicked on a link on another site.

Google Organic: Traffic from search engine results that are earned, not paid

Google Ads: Traffic from search engine results that is the result of paid advertising

This guide will help you with how to set up a campaign to / not to target visitors from specific sources.

Source targeting is limiting the campaign's display for the audience that is coming from a specific source, ensuring that only that limited amount of visitors would see or wouldn’t see your campaign.

Within your campaign settings please click on the ‘Select who should see the popup’ option, then select ‘Source’ and you will have to tick the checkmark next to the selected source.


You can also easily exclude visitors coming from for example Facebook right in your OptiMonk dashboard with a click of a button.

With our source targeting rule, you will be able to specify for OptiMonk that the campaign should not come up to those visitors who are coming from a source like Facebook.

For you to be able to set up this condition please tick the Facebook box and underneath Custom source click on ’+Add new’.

From the dropdown below please select ‘doesn’t equal’ and in the text box, you only need to define the Facebook URL you wish to close out. The last step is to save this setting.

In case you wish to show the campaign to those visitors only who are coming from Facebook, Google Ads, Google Organic, or Direct please select ‘equals’, and in the text box, you only need to define the URL of any of the selected sources where these visitors will arrive from.

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