Survey Element

Depending on what goal you'd like to achieve with OptiMonk, we offer several message types. The survey is one of them.

You are wondering why many people leave your website without making a purchase?
You’d like to make your website more user friendly, but you don’t know where to start?
You just changed your website’s whole design and you aren’t sure it fits your brand?

If you would like to get to know the answer to any of these questions, you only need to ask your visitors. Collecting feedback from them with a survey is the best you can do! :)

When creating a new campaign, just tick ‘Survey’ on the left, and you can easily choose from our templates:


However, if you’d like to use a template from another category, or you already have a campaign, you can still add a Survey element to it in the editor. Please open your campaign, click on ‘Add element’ and drag&drop a Survey element to the popup like this:


If you click on the element you just placed on the popup, the Survey settings will appear in the menu on the left. The Survey Element has three Settings blocks: General, Style, and Advanced:


First, you’ll need to rename ‘My option 1’ under General. You can also add more options here, just click on ‘Add new option’ and rename the fields as per your preferences:


The options act as buttons, and you can set an on-click action for them:


You can set the following On Click actions:

  • Next page - this action will guide your visitors to the next page of the popup
  • Custom step - this action will guide your visitors to a specific page of the popup
  • Redirect - with this action, you can redirect your visitors to any URL
  • Close - this action will close the popup for the visitor

You can set the Custom step and the Redirect actions differently for each button - this allows you to customize the visitor experience by guiding your visitors depending on their answer.

Under Style, you will be able to edit the Display settings, customize the font, the background, and the border and shadows:SurveyElement5.png

Under Advanced, you will be able to set Spacing and Responsiveness:


Spacing helps with the design of your Campaign by allowing you to add margins, and the Responsive option enables you to hide the Survey Element on mobile or desktop view:


If you go into ‘Campaigns’ and select your survey campaign, you only need to scroll down to find statistics and the answers of your visitors:

You can also check the answers one-by-one under ‘Leads’:

Please note that under ‘Leads’ you’ll find the answers and subscriptions from all other campaigns as well.

If you need further inspiration on how to ask for feedback from your visitors, I highly recommend our case study with Flip, who were curious about why many visitors leave their site without making a purchase.

If you have any further questions or need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us at, and we would be happy to assist you :)

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