Campaign errors & alerts

Campaign errors & alerts allow you to identify and diagnose issues and errors with your active campaigns easily. There can be various reasons why an active campaign might not perform adequately. OptiMonk’s Campaign Alerts provide clear and systematic messages if any issue can be detected and cues on how to solve them so that you can troubleshoot your campaign issues in a timely manner.

In this article, we show you in detail

Where to find Campaign alerts?

If an issue has been detected with a specific campaign, you can see a small triangle that indicates the problem under Campaigns that you can access by selecting the Campaigns menu from the navbar.


If you select a specific campaign from the Campaigns list, you’ll find further details about the detected issue. This should give you a cue on why your campaign is not performing adequately.


You may find more than one detected issues here. In this case, they will all be listed for that campaign here:


Click on View details, to learn even more about the detected issues and to open the Campaign errors & alerts log.

How to manage the Campaign errors & alerts log

The Campaign errors & alerts list for each campaign functions like an error log, showing when the given issue was last detected.


Under each issue, you can read further details about the problem and cues on how to fix them. 

💡 Please, note that this is not a troubleshooting wizard. The Campaign errors & alerts log simply shows you what is wrong with your campaigns. The troubleshooting you will have to do manually.

If you’ve troubleshot an issue, you can dismiss the error message here by clicking on Dismiss.

If the issue does not appear under Campaign errors & alerts again, it has been resolved successfully. If it does show up here again, troubleshooting has not been successful.

💡 OptiMonk does not detect automatically if a campaign error has been resolved. The error message must be dismissed manually in order to test if troubleshooting has been successful.

What do the different error messages indicate?

Red error messages are displayed when an issue is detected that is blocking the campaign entirely.

Among others, this may be due to

  • the OptiMonk JavaScript code missing from the website,
  • manually uploaded unique discount codes running out,
  • the offered product being out of stock.

Yellow error messages refer to issues that prevent the campaign from functioning appropriately a.k.a your campaign is still up and running, but some aspects are not functioning properly, which might be due to

  • an integration error,
  • having used 80% of your unique discount codes (they’re close to running out).

💡 Error message do not show if users have not created the displayed discount code in their store.


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